Not much hope…

Observation date:  21 June 2017

Most everything has seemed to have ceased regarding chicks on the north side of Morro Rock. I have been ardently watching in hopes of a late clutch of young thinking the rains might have caused a later nesting. In the last month and a half, I and others have seen prey taken into the eyrie and have thought we heard chicks vocalizing up until about two weeks ago. Now nothing other than adults still landing in and guarding the nest site.

At times, no one is around the rock for long periods of time… 4 or 5 hours. Gordon Robb and I saw three kills in less than an hour.  A white throated swift, a bushtit and an unidentified shore bird. None of these were taken into the nest site, but eaten by the adults.

It’s now the first of July and I have completely given up on offspring. This is the first time in sixteen years a chick has not been hatched on Morro Rock. That includes the south side too. I’ll keep watching, but not with much hope.

peregrine falcon

Flying high over Morro Rock                   Photo by Cleve Nash

Happy trails, Bob

Item: Today, the 3rd of July, when returning to the rock, the tiercel was followed by a juvenile female. The resident female perched on the nest site, was squawking vociferously. The young turned and flew off.


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2 Responses to Not much hope…

  1. James Zuur says:

    Bob & Gordon – have missed you guys at the rock since they blocked entrance to south side of rock. Glad you are both still on job. Hopefully will see you guys again someday. Jim Zuur

  2. Karen Weaver says:

    Went to Morro Rock today to see falcons, and a man and his son pointed out a nest in recess close ro the top (of what i would consider the south side of tbe rock, past where you can park your car and about halfway down the walking path past the bulletin board and before the end of trail )where we observed one adult and ine juvenile or chick-we coulldn’t see fhe younger one well, but it was smaller than the adult.

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