One at a time…

Everything seems to come at once.

The Central Coast has had its share of excitement in the last few days. First of all, two of the three falcon chicks at Shell Beach have fledged.

peregrine, falcons, Morro Rock , Morro Bay, California

Two fledglings at Shell Beach                                       Photo by Cleve Nash

Piedras Blancas Lighthouse has three new falcons. The south side of Morro Rock still has only one visible chick. The falcons on the north side of Morro Rock have not been seen as yet. Mostly, because of the tall vegetation in front of the eyrie, but prey items continue to be taken into the nest site by the adults.

I have been trying to stay on top of all the new birds and stories and then I get an orca attack upon a young grey whale right in front of Morro Rock.

Morro Rock, Morro Bay, California, orca, killer whale

Orca and Morro Rock                                                  Photo by Mike Jones, AZ-HI-AZ-I-AM 

I have a ringside seat from where I usually perch in the south parking lot. More about all these stories and the whale kill with photos in my next installment. I will go more into depth in each of the stories, one at a time.

Happy trails, Bob

Item:  AZ-HI-AZ-I-AM is a local surf shop in Morro Bay, CA. More photos of the orcas may be seen at his website.


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The Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch is here to inform birders, students and all people who are eager to know about these handsome peregrines. We want you to enjoy and be able to use our on-site powerful spotting scopes. We are available to answer your questions about the pair of falcons that have been observed for many years.

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8 Responses to One at a time…

    • Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch says:

      Yes, we will. Bob is writing another story as I email you. Thank you very much, Mike. ~Heather

  1. Steve says:

    Bob, is this what they call a tease ? See you in June.

    • Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch says:

      Bob just said “They’re coming down the pipe.” We’ll be waiting for you in June. ~Heather

  2. Sue says:

    You have all the fun!

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    • Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch says:

      Thanks for mentioning us on “Good Clean Fun.” The peregrine falcons are always at Morro Rock, Morro Bay, CA. Bob, with his spotting scope, is here everyday to show the peregrines to birders and interested visitors.

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