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Shell Beach Rosie                                                                                      Photo by Cleve Nash

5 May 2013: With a threat of rain which will probably never happen, we are still waiting for the appearance of falcons on the north side of Morro Rock. The north side pair have had a steady stream of prey going into the nest by the tiercel for at least 2 plus weeks, but still no fuzzy ones to see.

Jack Morehead, one of the guides at Piedras Blancas Lighthouse, came by the rock to tell me “the pair of falcons that nest there have three young that are visible now.” This particular site has been troublesome and have not had young for some time. The previous years, have been plagued by having only half of a pair, either male or female or a failed nesting when there were two birds present. It is good to see they are in production again.

The falcons on the south side of Morro Rock continue to incubate eggs now in the fourth week. Other than a couple of visits from a juvenile female falcon which has been driven off immediately by one or both resident falcons. Things continue to progress with the new set of eggs in the secondary eyrie. The first clutch of eggs as you remember were in the “diving board eyrie” and were abandoned after 16 days of incubation. This second nesting has nearly doubled that time and “with a little luck and the creek don’t rise.” You know the rest of it.
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Item: Rosie finds love.
At the Shell Beach nest site, a tiercel has arrived and taken up with the rosy-breasted female resident who has been on her own since the last winter.


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