Looking and waiting…

Red-tailed chicks Photo by Cleve Nash

Red-tailed chicks                                    Photo by Cleve Nash

With no fuzzy chicks to look at yet, we have been relegated to looking at a “rock” that once every few hours might show some movement. Otherwise, it is like watching paint dry.

After telling dozens of birders, tourists and surfers that “you can’t see any chicks yet,” not to be discouraged, a few of us took a ten minute ride north of town to see some white fluffy chicks. Three Red-tailed Hawks have nests within half a mile of each other. All of the young are sticking their heads up over the edge of the nests. The female of one nest sat at a distance in an old oak with a snake.We thought it time to leave so she could come in to feed the young.

So back to “the rock” to enjoy the boredom of incubation and thinking with great expectation, “Soon!”
Happy trails, Bob


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