Cause unknown…

Photo by Bob Isenberg

Yesterday, I thought something was strange when she left the “diving board” nest site, and the tiercel did not go immediately in to take her place on the eggs. Instead, after she left and landed on the chimney, he proceeded to follow her there upon landing. They copulated there. Neither bird returned to the eyrie for ten minutes, which I thought was very unusual because it seems the eggs are never unattended more than a minute.

Today on arriving at Morro Rock, I saw both falcons perched in different holes. The female was on the edge of one she used as a nest site in 2011, after a failed nesting in the “mail slot,” another previous nest site. The tiercel was perched above her in a second row of five holes. Today in the few hours I spent with the birds, neither of them went to the “diving board” nest site, but remained outside in view copulating twice and frequently returning to the 2011 eyrie.

This has really rattled me to think they incubated the eggs for 16 days then phhhhht… What could have happened? I’ll still be here watching and hoping for a second clutch of eggs and keeping you posted. It happens. This isn’t the end.

Happy trails, Bob


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3 Responses to Cause unknown…

  1. Beedie says:

    That’s very interesting. So they just stop tending to the eggs all of a sudden? Or maybe something is wrong with the eggs?

    • Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch says:

      Bob has gone down to “the Rock” to check on the falcons. When we have more information or even possible ideas about what is going on, we’ll post them. We’re glad you’re following!

  2. Beedie says:

    Thanks a lot! Very interesting.

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