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Things I haven’t seen…


Video by Bob Isenberg

Things that I haven’t seen. The young falcons for the last 5-6 weeks. I know they come back to the rock in the evening because I see were they have been roosting. It’s a set of five holes in a diagonal line lower on the face of the rock. Another thing is the adult falcons have not taken a young gull in six days, just small shorebirds. The young gulls are growing rapidly. Their larger size and weight could be a factor here. Also, no deliveries of prey to the sand-spit. One more thing, no young vulture chicks yet. Although I see one adult everyday fight its way through the screaming nesting gulls to get to the old nest site. With this much determination and taking the abuse, there has to be something up there I haven’t seen yet.

From observation, I have seen a significant size difference. They are getting big, almost equal to the size of the adult, losing their spots and their feathers are pushing out from the down and getting long.

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