Falco peregrinus anatum

falcon – female

tiercel – male

eyrie or aerie – the nest of a bird of prey such as a falcon, hawk or eagle

eyass – an unfledged nestling taken from the nest for training

stoop – a hunting dive

wingspan: 31-47 inches (80-120cm)

length: 38-51 cm (13-23 inches)

weight: male- 500-700 grams (1.1-1.5 lb); female- 800-1100 grams (1.8-2.4 lb)

average life span in the wild: Up to 17 years

These raptors are sexually dimorphic with females being 1/3 larger than the males.

The normal cruising speed is 40-55 mph, but they can go into a stoop flying at up to 243 mph.


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