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Bon appétit…

Observation date:  16 Jun 2016 Shore birds are typically the main diet of the peregrine falcon, but when June rolls around for about four weeks, the young Western gull chicks are the main entree. The following is but a sample … Continue reading

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Let it fly…

Observation date: 23 April 2015 Soon after I arrived at the rock this morning, within minutes the tiercel careened into the nest site carrying prey. I could hear squealing coming from inside the hole where he landed. They should be … Continue reading

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Breakfast on the bluff…

The demands of a growing family of chicks, or should I say juvenile peregrine falcons, can be intense. Remember when you first heard the cry of your or your friend’s baby. It pulls at your heart. Now think of the … Continue reading

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Chicks rule…

With young on the wing, every day for the next month, it will be like a three ring circus with performances every hour or so. Arriving at Morro Rock, a little after 7AM, and before setting up, I immediately hear … Continue reading

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Incoming !

Photo by Cleve Nash “Oh, Bob, I’m so glad you are here. Jeanette said you would be.” Second lady: “Jeanette said to look for a tripod and that I could look at the falcons.” Third person: “She said his name … Continue reading

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