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Earthwatch Expedition 2015…

This is Heather speaking. While the adult peregrines were busy teaching their juveniles their life skills, I went off on a tangent to explore something I’d like to share with you… All photos are mine. Since I moved to California … Continue reading

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Kudos to Cleve…

Observation date: 5 July 2015 Last spring, a new female came in to replace the one that had been on the north side of Morro Rock for the last few years. We don’t know what happened to the last female, … Continue reading

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Just showing off…

Observation date: 6 February 2015 Visitors to Morro Rock today were treated with a spectacular aerial performance from the south side tiercel. Oooohs and ahhhhhs followed all his high speed acrobatics. When you think he’s about out of gas, he … Continue reading

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Massachusetts, please reply…

The holidays were beautiful in Morro Bay, mid to high 70s and a couple of days in the 80s. Some extreme tides, enough that kayakers were stranded on the mud flats. Harbor Patrol and Coast Guard were kept busy. Even … Continue reading

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We are so lucky…

The Peregrine Watch is so lucky to have such a dedicated photographer who contributes so much. Quiet, soft spoken with a very dry sense of humor. In a gathering of people around the spotting scopes, you would never know he … Continue reading

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“Foggust” 19, 2013

“Foggust” is the month after July and the one before September. We have another week and a half and it would be nice to squeeze in a couple of days of sunshine out of this month. If not, we always have … Continue reading

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Passing through…

We, often, have reports from birdwatching friends and dedicated followers. One of our contributing photographers, Teddy Llovet, sent this to us. Since it points out the chance of coming across an unusual visitor, we would like to share with you. … Continue reading

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Leave the fog behind…

When summer comes to Morro Bay,  you can be sure there will be days of fog along the coast. A mile inland it can be sunny and 80°F, but the warm air rising brings in the marine layer along the … Continue reading

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Cacophony of cacking…

Got an early start today. No more banker’s hours. Cleve says, “No wind and more action in the early hours.” It’s before 7AM and I’m here with coffee for both of us and Cleve is AWOL. Too bad he missed … Continue reading

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A tale of two tails…

Today, Memorial Day, we have two airborne falcons and one still grounded in the eyrie. However, “Flyboy” has returned to the nest site at least twice today. Seems he’s a little ticked at late meals or, at least, food going … Continue reading

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