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Winter Bird Festival…

Observation date: 19 January 2016 Throngs of birders, twitchers and photographers were on hand for the twentieth Annual Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival which takes place every year on the Martin Luther King holiday. Along with the high surf crashing … Continue reading

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Ready or knot…

All of Morro Bay is in a tizzy. The Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival is upon us once again, bigger than ever. A number of events sold out within the first few hours of opening registration. Owling at night with … Continue reading

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Bubo visits Morro Rock

Today Cleve didn’t find “Doris” again, our wayward transient peregrine snowbird. However, Heather and I had a visitor at Morro Rock in the form of Bubo virginianus. By the way, this is the very first Latin name for a bird … Continue reading

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Launch or lunch…?

So much for all our predictions, calculations and educated guesses. They are all “out the window,” now that one of the chicks has left the nest. I had expected the chicks to fly on the 1st of June. Although he … Continue reading

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All was not lost…

4th of July 2012  Due to a barricade on the road out to the rock, we were not able to check on the peregrines. All was not lost though.  This barrier gave me an opportunity to take a camera and … Continue reading

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Watching Great Horned Owl young


A quiet sunny morning about mid 60°F. The amazing way the owl chicks blend into their environment.

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Just a few nuggets…

Just a few nuggets from the rock today. The video we posted of “Rosie,” the Shell Beach falcon, did not capture the coloring because of lighting and location. Here is a still of her the same day by Cleve Nash. … Continue reading

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