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Strut your stuff…

A couple of below freezing nights, three days of high surf advisories with 14 foot waves breaking over the jetties, a “king tide” with some great minus tides for gathering mussels, three days of 85°F heat and plenty of sunshine. … Continue reading

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Bubo visits Morro Rock

Today Cleve didn’t find “Doris” again, our wayward transient peregrine snowbird. However, Heather and I had a visitor at Morro Rock in the form of Bubo virginianus. By the way, this is the very first Latin name for a bird … Continue reading

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We are so lucky…

The Peregrine Watch is so lucky to have such a dedicated photographer who contributes so much. Quiet, soft spoken with a very dry sense of humor. In a gathering of people around the spotting scopes, you would never know he … Continue reading

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High on High Mountain…

Migration time along the Central Coast of California is underway with a few unusual sightings. First, it was the blue footed booby who stayed for a week or two. Last week, it was the black vulture that spent a couple … Continue reading

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Boobies and falcons…

There has been a lot of commotion along the California coast and Morro Bay is no exception. We had our own personal Blue-footed booby here for about 6 days on the south jetty of Morro Bay. In case you didn’t … Continue reading

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Late arrival…”Scrappy”

For those who followed us for the last year or so, you might remember about this time last August we had a new arrival, “Spec, the black turkey vulture,” aka: undertaker of the skies. All other birds hatch in the … Continue reading

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“Foggust” 19, 2013

“Foggust” is the month after July and the one before September. We have another week and a half and it would be nice to squeeze in a couple of days of sunshine out of this month. If not, we always have … Continue reading

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Passing through…

We, often, have reports from birdwatching friends and dedicated followers. One of our contributing photographers, Teddy Llovet, sent this to us. Since it points out the chance of coming across an unusual visitor, we would like to share with you. … Continue reading

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Birding by lawn chair…

This is an alternative guide to birdwatching for those of you in your golden years or the infirm or maybe you’re just lazy or just don’t like to walk. With a few tips you can enjoy birding as much as … Continue reading

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A spring gale…

I’m still getting days with high winds which is not unusual for spring weather. Today 12 to 15 foot swells at sea with wind gusts up to 50 plus miles per hour. We have included our photographs of blowing sand … Continue reading

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