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Excitement at Sweet Springs…

During the month of February 2017, drama took over. The winter residents included a Bald Eagle flying over Sweet Springs Nature Preserve, Los Osos, CA. It comes in with the migrating birds and leaves in the springtime. The peregrine is our visiting … Continue reading

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On schedule…

Observation date: 25 February 2015 Breeding of the peregrine falcons continues at Morro Rock with copulations occurring every forty to fifty minutes. Occasionally, longer or shorter depending on the day’s activities, i.e. eating, hunting or chasing of other predators. Such … Continue reading

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Vigor and ferocity…

Observation date: 2 January 2015 January 2, 2015, this day last year the south side pair of peregrine falcons bred for the first time of the 2014 season. As of today no breeding has been observed as of yet. In … Continue reading

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Leaving? Better wait…

Observation date: 12 September 2014 It feels like fall is near at Morro Rock. Temperatures are beginning to decline  along the coast. However, twelve miles inland, it’s still near triple digits. I have begun seeing birds that are usually plentiful … Continue reading

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New guy in town…

Observation date: 17 August 2014 You may remember in previous articles around the solstice a young married couple, both licensed falconers, that had brought a live Great Horned Owl to the Native American festivities on both winter and summer solstices. … Continue reading

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Splish, splash…

Almost winter now. The solstice will be upon us this Saturday. The Peregrine Watch will be on hand for the Native American activities in the late afternoon. I’ll be sure to write something about it later next week. This morning, … Continue reading

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Strut your stuff…

A couple of below freezing nights, three days of high surf advisories with 14 foot waves breaking over the jetties, a “king tide” with some great minus tides for gathering mussels, three days of 85°F heat and plenty of sunshine. … Continue reading

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Not white and fuzzy, but black and fuzzy…

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All photos are by Cleve Nash Excitement, yes, but not because we have little fuzzy white birds, but a plump fuzzy black bear! In all the years that I’ve spent at Morro Rock, this was a first for me. I … Continue reading

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Rolling stock revival…

Photo by Cleve Nash For some time now my friend and associate, Cleve Nash, and I have been making small snide remarks, not in public of course about the south side tiercel and how much of a wuss he has … Continue reading

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Pitched battle…

Pitched battle...

This is the seventh in a series of tales about the “famous and not-so-famous birds of Morro Rock.”
A little town about twelve miles north of Morro Bay called Cayucos, somewhat quaint, no stop signs or signal lights. The main drag is about three blocks long, with a pier, a beach and a few pubs. It was settled by Swiss Italian dairymen and Portuguese laborers. Behind the town is a range of mountains, small in size, it rises up. On top is a reservoir that was built for a domestic water supply.
About three years ago, a pair of bald eagles took up residence around the lake which is fed by several streams which held steel-head trout, this being a great food source for the eagles plus catfish, carp, etc. No one can remember if they ever nested there, but that first year they had three young. Th following year they had two young.
In the late summer they got adventurous and traveled around. Needless to say, they came to Morro Rock and were greeted by a cast of falcons. Both males and females from north and south sides joined in to what would become a very exciting ten minute pitched battle. I watched as the two large dark birds approached the south side of Morro Rock over the jetty from the north. I knew they weren’t vultures; their wings were too flat. In a moment they were over Cleve and me. The two south side falcons were already coming down on the eagles at speed. They split the two birds and singled out one. The other beat it around the corner to the north side soon to be intercepted by the north side pair of falcons. By this time there is a lot of screaming up and down the parking lot. Cleve managed to get off a few shots with his Canon 500mm. I didn’t get to see what happened on the north side, but we all heard it. The young bald eagles retired with a few less rump feathers, but none the worse. They returned three more times in the next four weeks.
The adults did not nest this year, but they are still at the Whale Rock Reservoir. Jack and Pedra Clayton, a couple local birders, saw them today along with pintail, gadwall and other assorted waterfowl.
Happy trails, Bob
P.S. Whale Rock Reservoir – northbound on Highway 1, turn right on Old Creek Road, first signal before Cayucos, continue Old Creek Road to Cottontail Creek Road, turn left, find a pull-off and enjoy.

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