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Timing is everything…

Observation date: 16 April 2015 And because timing is everything, for the last three days I have spent 23 hours trying to observe food going into the nest site, but with no success. I have seen other indications which you … Continue reading

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Hard trail…

Observation date: 18 April 2014 Just an update on the nesting Canada geese near the Shell Beach peregrine falcon’s eyrie. Of the six eggs, five have hatched. The next morning the adults left the cliffside nest to the beach and … Continue reading

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The “Amazing Criswell” wasn’t that good either…

Observation date: 16 April 2014 For the last ten years or so I have been observing and trying to predict the day of hatching of young falcons. I do this by watching to see “this” and then “that” in their … Continue reading

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