Photo by Cleve Nash

Photo by Cleve Nash

Please make a donation by check.
Mail it to us at:

Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch
765 Center Ct.
Morro Bay  CA 93442

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Good reasons to donate:

  • Donate so that Bob Isenberg may be at Morro Rock every day to educate people about the peregrines and answer a myriad of questions from all visitors.
  • Donate to have slide shows available. Bob Isenberg gives a great slide show!
  • Donate to keep the PCPW website active for you to learn about new happenings.
  • Donate to fund scholarships for college biology or ornithology students.
  • Donate so that we will be kept more aware of the health of peregrines.
  • Donate so that PCPW may make trips to schools to educate children.
  • Donate to have spotting scopes, tripods, lawn chairs available.
  • Donate to keep printed materials available.
  • Donate to fund slide show presentations.
  • Donate to keep equipment up to date .
  • Donate to make this all happen.

None of the Directors on the Board of the Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch, an Educational Nonprofit Organization with 501(c)(3) status receives any salary or payment. Our Annual Financial Report is available upon request to our email.

Happy trails, Bob Isenberg and Heather O’Connor


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