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Observation date:  16 Jun 2016

Shore birds are typically the main diet of the peregrine falcon, but when June rolls around for about four weeks, the young Western gull chicks are the main entree.

In the "nursery" eating...     Photo by Bob Isenberg

In the “nursery” eating…               Photo by Bob Isenberg

The following is but a sample of what I am talking about. In the four to five hours that I spend each day, I observed in a four day period eighteen baby gulls brought in by the adults to feed their young and themselves.

Click on our video below:

juvenile eating Western gull chick

When I leave the “rock” there are still eight more hours of daylight that I do not observe! It is possible that in four full days, each with fourteen hours of light, this number could be doubled very easily.

juvenile eating prey  Photo by Bob Isenberg

juvenile eating prey              Photo by Bob Isenberg

Happy trails, Bob

Item: I forgot to mention, in the same four day period, five small shore birds were also brought in!


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