Observation date: 11 April 2016

Things are just in a tizzy here at Morro Rock. I can’t give the answers to many visitors we get here because when it comes to nesting, I just don’t know.

Both pairs of falcons normally start nesting in the first two to three weeks of March. Here we are in the middle of April and both male and female are still breeding and flying around. No sign of incubation. However, on the south side, the female has been frequenting the “waterfall” hole. At times, she will spend an hour or more inside, which would be normal egg laying procedure, but this has been going on for a month and a half.

Going into the waterfall hole  Photo by Cleve Nash

Going into the waterfall hole                        Photo by Cleve Nash

The north side pair seems to be doing the same, although I have not seen them choose a nest site as yet.

There are so many variables… weather with “El Niño,” old age* with the south side female, male potency, etc. I just don’t have an answer yet.

Happy trails, Bob

* The female is now 16 years old and in her 15th breeding season.


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