Fits and starts…

Observation date: 3 March 2016

The Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch has been off line for an unusual amount of time and not because we don’t want to. Most of the problems were not something that we could control.

"Rough Bar"   Photo by Bob Isenberg

“Rough Bar”                          Photo by Bob Isenberg

The gate to the south side of Morro Rock is normally closed during high surf advisories which we have had many of. Ca State Parks and Harbor Patrol thought it better to keep it closed all together through the winter. This made it very difficult for us. It seems that everybody has a key, but the dog catcher and me. Packing up all the equipment and paraphernalia a quarter of a mile to entertain the public does not work well at seventy five with neuropathy.

Needless to say, we have gone though fits and starts with all of the agencies, but to no avail.

Any way, you can see what I’ve done in these photos. I’ve had the trike for a couple of years and just bought the trailer so I can get back out. And none too soon either.

Arrival  Photo by Bob Isenberg

Arrival                                         Photo by Bob Isenberg

All set up     Photo by Bob Isenberg

All set up                                    Photo by Bob Isenberg


A few of the many peregrine watchers at Morro Rock                        Photo by Heather O’Connor

I expect her to start egg laying in a week or ten days. Today breeding was heavy. About 40 to 45 minutes apart. I believe she has stopped hunting, since he has been bringing in all the prey items for both to eat.

Happy trails, Bob

Item: The south side gate has been open a total of 10 days since January 1st.

Heading home  Photo by Heather O'Connor

Heading home after a successful day                                        Photo by Heather O’Connor


About Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch

The Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch is here to inform birders, students and all people who are eager to know about these handsome peregrines. We want you to enjoy and be able to use our on-site powerful spotting scopes. We are available to answer your questions about the pair of falcons that have been observed for many years.
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4 Responses to Fits and starts…

  1. Roger Stach says:

    Way to go Bob. We knew you would find a way to get your equipment to the viewing area.

    • Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch says:

      Bob is clever and with his determination you’ll be able to hear how the peregrines are busily setting up their nesting season duties. ~Heather

  2. Sally K says:

    I’m glad to see you back out there. I love your pictures and stories.

    • Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch says:

      Bob is so glad to have found a way to get out there again. Thanks for your kind comments. ~Heather

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