A little less wind in our sails…

Dropping off a perch Photo by Cleve Nash

Dropping off a perch                                         Photo by Cleve Nash

Observation date: August 2015

I think it only fair that I share with you the reason that you haven’t heard from us since July 19, 2015 and I do apologize for it.

We, the Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch, are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization. Heather and I, have been trying to settle our differences with the Central Coast State Parks Association, another private 501(c)(3) that has been given control of products and services that are sold on CA State Park property. These include everything from marina rentals/leases, toys to hot dogs. Because we have been a fixture so long in Morro Bay, we were urged by the CA State Parks, Morro Bay Museum of Natural History, docents and Morro Bay City Council, Chamber of Commerce and Visitors’ Center people to become part of it so that we would be able to collect donations and sell souvenirs, these profits going to student scholarships. This we did for some time after mandatory docent training and a few other hoops we had to jump through.

What looked to be a good thing in the beginning with lots of promises made to us soon turned into a can of worms. After half a year of giving everything and receiving nothing, we felt it was time to talk. After half a year of negotiations it got no better. One of the only good things that came out of it, was that we were able to give a $1,000 scholarship to a CalPoly biology student. This was collection of donations and souvenir sales. None of this might have happened if CCSPA , a nonprofit under CA State Parks, had its way with Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch.

The Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch has been a fine running machine in which no one is compensated for anything and everything we have given has been with pride, honesty and integrity.

We felt that it was not right for them to take everything and give nothing in return. We ask for no financial support only that we be able to function, raise money for another CalPoly Biology Scholarship and pay our bills.

Bob still frequents the “Rock,” but very little this time of year. The young have been run off and the next breeding season is four months away, but we’ll be there to capture all the excitement in words and photos on our website.

Happy trails, Bob

*Item:   Bob And Heather had invested over 50K in equipment and thousands of hours to make all of this happen. We are sorry the powers that be cannot see how beneficial the Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch is in our community, in educating the public about the peregrines with first-hand observations at Morro Rock, only 196 yards to the diving board hole which has been a frequent nest site. People return year after year and often from great distance feeling a close participation in the work that we do.

Shell Beach juvenile peregrine Photo by Cleve Nash

Shell Beach juvenile peregrine                                    Photo by Cleve Nash


About Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch

The Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch is here to inform birders, students and all people who are eager to know about these handsome peregrines. We want you to enjoy and be able to use our on-site powerful spotting scopes. We are available to answer your questions about the pair of falcons that have been observed for many years.

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8 Responses to A little less wind in our sails…

  1. Sally K says:

    What can I, as the general public, do to help you with this trouble?

  2. Be says:

    As I have been on the board of a non profit charity organization, I think your decision to hopefully break free of this parent agency is a great one.. My husband and I are from Bakersfield and we go as often as possible to see your group at the Rock.. I own baseball cap and have given money when we can.. God Bless the work you do for the falcons… please continue,, we need you.. thanks again

  3. Bob and Heather,

    It saddens me to read this today. You had high hopes that things were going to be for the good; for the good of all; not a select few. More politics have ruined the good intentions of many generous citizens, like you and Heather, who want to share your knowledge while protecting such beautiful creatures.

    I hope that you will continue to reach all of us through your blog and stand tall, knowing that your integrity, honesty and pride have been the foundation of your non-profit. Please let your readers
    know what the next action is, and the support you need to continue. Many of us have friends and acquaintances in the area that we can contact.

    Your passion and your commitment to the safety of our wildlife is far bigger than any boat ride,
    toy or hot dog! Leave the door open for what shows up next in your lives…….

    Much love,

    “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities; in the expert’s mind there are few.”
    -Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Buddhist Master

  4. Leigh Adams says:

    My grandchildren always want to vacation in Morro Rock because of the falcon watching opportunities. They love the opportunity to talk with experts and observe and learn about the birds. This is sad news. How can anyone think that the Village would be better off without the Falcon peeps? Morro Rock, you’re losing my (not inconsiderable) tourist dollars!

  5. Sue says:

    I am very sorry to hear this news. It is as though your good work is being punished. Thank you for what you do and who you are. The world is a better place because you are in it.

  6. Robin O'Connor Morris says:

    Such sadness to hear of the hurdles you’ve had. You definitely do not deserve to be treated so unfairly. I know this won’t stop you both from sharing the love you have for these birds and instilling that love in others. You will continue to make a difference!

  7. janine fallon says:

    I’m behind you two, and all you do, and all you have done from a place of absolute enthusiasm and passion for many years. See you when it cools off and the “flirting” begins. Happy and “productive” times ahead–chickie. Love and admiration, Janine

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