Probable cause…

Observation date: 19 July 2015

A summer thunderstorm hit the Central Coast of California last night and today leaving a much needed inch and three quarters of much needed rain.

Morro Bay sky before the July thunderstorm

Evening sky before the storm                              Photo by Heather O’Connor

Aside from the good quenching in drought ridden California, it gave us some probable answers as to why the south side pair of falcons could have had a failed nesting.


Morro Rock south side eyrie with rain water

Rainwater falling into nest site                                        Photo by Gordon Robb

The last rain we had was in the spring when she was incubating or could have had hatchlings. Today looking at the upper five eyrie, this year’s nest site, there is an obvious stream of water pouring into this hole. It was not noted in the previous rainstorm as no one came out to watch the falcons.

Both adult pair of falcons are now molting, one feather on each wing missing and one tail feather. This will continue until all are replaced. The juveniles will not molt until next year at 13 months of age.

Happy trails, Bob


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  1. Betsy Parrott says:

    So glad to find your postings. Neighbor in Huntington Beach has gotten to look through your telescopes and buy your hats. Hoping to stop by today with my granddaughter! AWESOME PIX! B.Parrott

    • Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch says:

      We thank you for your visit in June and kind words. Bob has been photographing on the north side and may have missed you. Feel free to let us know if you head up this way again with family.

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