Patience, please…

Observation date: 8 April 2015

Morro Rock falcons, Bob Isenberg, Morro Bay, CA

Visitors to see the nest site at Morro Rock                             Photo by Heather O’Connor

As of today, we are in the 26th day of incubation and all is well. Two years ago, she abandoned her first nesting after 18 days of incubation and the second nesting after 16 days. I don’t know the exact time the parent can feel movement of life in the egg, but she will discard one or more if broken, cracked or infertile. Let’s hope what ever she has under her is doing well so far.

Incubation exchanges occur every two to four hours. The eggs are only uncovered for a minute at most on any normal day. However, twice I have seen both parents off the eggs while chasing another falcon and a Red-tailed Hawk. The duration lasted two minutes 40 seconds for the falcon and one minute twenty seconds for the hawk. For the last week observations have been very tough due to high winds and blowing sand. By noon, I’m ready to pack it in. Gusts above 35 mph are treacherous on equipment.

Only a week or more left before the excitement begins then I will have something interesting to write about.

Those of you who follow the falcons with me can see the times of boredom and the times of sheer excitement by how often I post these little updates.

Happy trails, Bob

Item: The .33 inch of rain yesterday has had no adverse effect on the birds. Incubation continues.


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2 Responses to Patience, please…

  1. Molly Brown says:

    Bob it’s so interesting to hear your updates! I really enjoyed talking to you March 29 that Friday you showed me the dad Falcon and also the belted kingfisher by the Marina!! I will never forget you and can’t wait to hear your next update!! Molly Brown

    • Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch says:

      Hi Molly, Thanks for your kind words. Incubation on the falcons is 31-33 days. Today is the 31st day of incubation and I did not see food taken into the nest site which we are looking for. It’ll let us know the chicks have hatched. I predicted Wednesday, the 15th. I’ve only hit it once in fourteen years. So keep your fingers crossed, watch my blog … When food goes in the hole, I’ll post it! Good luck with all your birding.
      Your friend, Bob
      P.S. Shell Beach birds have hatched.

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