2015: Breeding season begins…

Observation date: 7 January 2015

This is the 9th, an hour after proof reading the January 7th Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch posting this morning. I left for the “rock.” At 9:05AM arriving at the “rock” I’m setting up my gear, meanwhile one of my cronies pulls up and says, “I see you have the female on the “chimney.”

I answered, “I haven’t had a chance to look. I’m still setting up.”

At 9:23 AM, I hear my crony, Gordon, voice again, “She’s getting bred.”

Sure enough right on top of the chimney and I don’t have my camera set up. I stayed until 4:45PM with 400mm lens and camera set for video, prefocused on the current boudoir, but to no avail. Seven hours and no second breeding.

Tomorrow I’ll set up once again without the chin whiskers, but knowing at least they have started the breeding season for 2015.

Bob Isenberg, Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch

Bob Isenberg                         Photo By Heather O’Connor

Happy trails, Bob

Item: Copulation 9:23AM, duration 9 seconds. (and retires to the diving board for a cigarette for a smoke.)


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4 Responses to 2015: Breeding season begins…

  1. Ron Garton says:

    Congratulations. My wife, Margo, and I came by on four different days at Christmas time this year. We watched with you as the female caught and returned with a grebe with the male following. You may remember us as I bought a Tee shirt and bought Heather’s Kestrel binocular cover for Margo. Maybe we will see you next year. Ron Garton, Port Ludlow, WA.

    • Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch says:

      We are always glad to have visitors make repeat visits. I truly enjoyed making the colorful Kestrel binocular cover. Birds with brilliance are so much fun to do. We look forward to seeing you this coming winter or anytime you wander down this way! ~Heather

  2. Sue Boardman says:

    Yeah! Here is to a new generation!!

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