Short daylight hours…

Observation date: 21 December 2014

Bob Isenberg, Carl Lea, Great-horned Owl, Salinan Winter Solstice

Bob and Carl Lea with Hooch, Great-Horned Owl                             Photo by Heather O’Connor

We have celebrated the 2014 Winter Solstice with the Salinan* Tribe again. We notice the peregrines along with all animals are aware of the short daylight hours up to the winter solstice on the 21st of December. We all look forward to the longer daylight hours. I especially do !

Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch, Bob Isenberg and Heather O'Connor

Bob Isenberg and Heather O’Connor                              Photo by Cleve Nash

Bob has grown his goatee and will shave it off when the peregrines begin breeding. This seems to be an annual event now. It seems to have begun when I went to Tucson, Arizona to move all my belongings to Morro Bay, California in 2011. When I left in November, Bob was clean shaven and on my return in December, I noticed his handsome goatee. As the falcons became more active and courtship displays were common, Bob kept his razor inactive. Then one day it came out, he was clean-shaven and I knew the peregrines had bred! We’ll let you know the date.

peregrine with solstice lights

Winter Solstice lights Photo by Cleve Nash, drawing by Heather O’Connor

Since the lights all around Morro Bay have become more festive to ward off the darkness of winter, I thought I’d add a little fanciful peregrine creativity. Do you think she’s done a good job? At least as well as we all do!

We wish you a very fine completion to your 2014 year and a happy, healthy, successful, satisfying and productive 2015.

Peace and love, Heather and Bob

Item: Bob is at “the rock” waiting and watching for breeding to begin as he meets and chats with the many, many curious visitors.

*Winter solstice is an astronomical phenomenon which marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year. Winter solstice occurs for the Northern Hemisphere in December and for the Southern Hemisphere in June. (Wikipedia)


About Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch

The Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch is here to inform birders, students and all people who are eager to know about these handsome peregrines. We want you to enjoy and be able to use our on-site powerful spotting scopes. We are available to answer your questions about the pair of falcons that have been observed for many years.
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  1. You both look fabulously healthy and happy! Thanks for your Holiday greeting and sharing such a delightful story and update on the peregrines, your activity and such great pics! – Love the fire on the beach – one of my fav memories as a beach rat in Hermosa, Manhattan and Laguna; those were the days:) Please keep us posted on the breeding and have a great holiday!

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