Feathers drifted down…

Observation date: 8 April 2014

With 13 more days of incubation to go, action has picked up around here.


Juvenile female peregrine                             Photo by Cleve Nash

Yesterday, a large juvenile female falcon or “brownie” followed the resident male who was returning to the rock with prey thinking it was going to get a meal. Boy, was it surprised! The tiercel began screaming as he approached the rock. The female left the eggs and made a bee-line for the young intruder. The male dropped the prey at the nest edge and joined the battle over the bay. The resident pair hammered the young bird time after time. You could hear a different scream from what must have been the young female. There was nothing that I could do. Who knows…it could have been one of theirs. A few feathers drifted down and the pair returned to the rock to brood. The young one faded into the haze long over the sand spit.

One of the other eyries that we watch in Shell Beach have hatched their young. Cleve Nash has been seeing the tiercel take prey into the nest site for the last three days. No young visible as yet. You can bet you will see photos right here. Stay tuned.

Happy trails, Bob

Item: “Brownie” or juvenile. Note dark brown plumage and narrow yellow band on the end of the tail.

juvenile attacked

Hammered repeatedly… Photo by Cleve Nash



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2 Responses to Feathers drifted down…

  1. Finally, I caught up on your posts. It’s been an interesting season for you, Bob. Love your picture of you on your new ‘trike’ – a perfect name for it; it suits you! Keep up the great work that you and Heather are doing – you make an enormous difference by sharing your passion with the rest of the world. Enjoy the ISS sightings too! Next week will be awesome with a full eclipse!
    Happy Spring:)

    • Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch says:

      Thanks, Sharon. I know you’ll enjoy the latest post. Bob rides out to the”rock” often along with many other places. It’s a great away to get in some good exercise and reap those endorphins. Happy spring to you, too. ~Heather

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