Massachusetts, please reply…

The holidays were beautiful in Morro Bay, mid to high 70s and a couple of days in the 80s. Some extreme tides, enough that kayakers were stranded on the mud flats. Harbor Patrol and Coast Guard were kept busy. Even a helicopter had to pluck a gal off of the sand spit.

Talk about busy. Look at this photo.

Visitors from Massachusetts  Photo by Bob Isenberg

Visitors from Massachusetts                                                 Photo by Bob Isenberg

This is a family from Massachusetts that saw our web site with the beautiful weather, falcons and all. Just what they needed to get out of the cold Northeast, USA.

They proceeded to call “Aunt Bessie” in Morro Bay and said, “We’re coming out.”

Next day they are on her doorstep. They are all camera buffs and you should have seen the array of 400, 500 and 600mm lenses. It looked like the Super Bowl sidelines. They were really great folks.

I asked them, “Did the photo ops go well?”

They replied, “It would have been nice to have the falcons a little closer.”

So I went into my bag of tricks and drew them a map to the location of “Doris”. *

And told them she’s only 40 feet up a cypress tree behind a little coffee shop and if you don’t get something there “You better go back to Massachusetts.”

They returned the following day with some great close-ups and thanked me.

This is the kind of stuff that just tickles the hell out of me.

Happy trails, Bob

P.S. Sorry about the “Aunt Bessie.” I didn’t know her name. If you read this Massachusetts, please reply with pics!

With the south side falcons, breeding continues at a slow pace.

*See “Doris” listed as an “Item:” in the archive dated 26 October 2013.



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