Splish, splash…

Almost winter now. The solstice will be upon us this Saturday. The Peregrine Watch will be on hand for the Native American activities in the late afternoon. I’ll be sure to write something about it later next week.

The chase  Photo by Cleve Nash

The chase !                                                    Photo by Cleve Nash

This morning, the tiercel was in high gear splashing at least a dozen gulls on non-stop high speed runs along the jetty. He was after what looked like phalaropes, but when he missed, he would continue on at speed to the nearest sitting or flying gull. To evade him, they would splash into the water head first to avoid being raked with sharp talons. Four of us stood and watched and flinched with assorted ooohs and aaaahs for the next few minutes as he skimmed a few inches above the water at great speed to splash yet another gull.

Gull bashing!      Photo by Cleve Nash

Gull bashing !                                                Photo by Cleve Nash

Sometimes two or three in a single pass. Then return to altitude for another stoop and repeat the gesture numerous times. Wow, what a display for the observing female perching high up on the rock!

Rapid raptor delivery service   Photo and photoshop art by Cleve Nash

Rapid raptor delivery service                                Photo and photoshop art by Cleve Nash

To all our readers: Our “Winter Greeting” card showing “Doris,” our wintering transient falcon, in holiday costume. We wish you all the best of holidays.

Happy trails, Bob, Heather and Cleve

No breeding as of today’s post.


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