Bubo visits Morro Rock

Great Horned Owl at the "Rock" Photo by Heather O'Connor

Great Horned Owl at the “Rock” Photo by Heather O’Connor

Today Cleve didn’t find “Doris” again, our wayward transient peregrine snowbird. However, Heather and I had a visitor at Morro Rock in the form of Bubo virginianus. By the way, this is the very first Latin name for a bird that I learned when I was very young. Also known as, the Great Horned Owl who made herself right at home 30 yards up the rock. There were no falcons in the immediate area. They had flown off to chase a Red tailed Hawk around the front of the rock. The owl quickly closed her eyes and dozed off in sight of all the tourists and people who wondered what every one was pointing at. She stayed until after I left; she had been there several hours already. I’m sure she got a warm welcome when the resident pair of falcons came home and found her in their front yard. I wish I could have stayed and watched the greeting and the action that ensued along with it.
Happy trails, Bob


While posting this owl story I wrote last night, today “Doris” made her arrival, the 25th of October, one year to the day. This will be her sixth winter. Boy! Is Cleve smiling?


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4 Responses to Bubo visits Morro Rock

  1. Ulla Lipp says:

    Glad to hear that she is back.

    • Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch says:

      We are too! She is one that always seems to return to her favorite winter habitat similar to where we always go to our favorite winter vacation spot. ~Heather

  2. Carol Trego says:

    Very cool to see the Horned Owl. Was glad to hear Doris is back again. I’m sure that made your day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and images too. We had our first frost two nights in a row where I live in the out skirts of New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. Yes, winter is fast approaching.

  3. Beedie says:

    Beautiful shot of this Great Horned Owl. The Peregrines have the advantage in the air but I don’t think so on the ground. Great Horned Owls will eat hawks and prey on the young of Falcons (and likewise of course). I’ve read that one has the advantage in the air and the other on the ground.

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