Into the wild blue…

"Flyboy" at speed         Photo by Cleve Nash

“Flyboy” at speed                                                                 Photo by Cleve Nash

Today is a new day for our young aviatrix. She flies! After spending all day and night climbing around the cliffs and rocky slopes, the young female was the last to fledge in a cast of three. Both brothers fledged earlier this week. It must have felt wonderful to see mom bringing in breakfast after last night’s lonely ordeal.

Today, flying way beyond his means is “Flyboy.” I shudder watching him as he makes moves he has never done before. High “G” turns, stooping for two or three seconds, then flaring off to buzz one of his siblings or parent and missing by merely inches. I am awestruck and I have seen this many times before. He has to be like a cocky test pilot climbing into a new fighter aircraft and saying, “OK, let’s see what this baby can do!” And believe me if he could do what “Flyboy” did today, I guarantee that his linen would be soiled.

It is to a point, where I fear for him, if he keeps this up. I think we as humans cannot comprehend the power, the skill, the intelligence of animals. They simply amaze.

Happy trails, Bob

Stay tuned for further adventures of the north side squadron of three.


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3 Responses to Into the wild blue…

  1. Sue says:

    Even from a distance I can feel the excitement. Go get ’em tiger!

  2. Jill says:

    thank you for sharing this with us all – they are amazing!

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