Cold and hungry…

"Fly Boy"         Photo by Cleve Nash

“Fly Boy”                                                                                   Photo by Cleve Nash

Two cold nights on the rock all alone got young “Fly Boy” motivated. We found him early this morning some 300 yards from where we left him the night before. After watching for a couple of hours, with a few rough landings he wound up in what we have always referred to as the “nursery.” It’s the far left end of Morro Rock on the North side where a lot of blasting and removal of rock took place and left high shear cornices, but below a gentle slope covered with brush, ideal for controlled crash landings.

Cleve and I watched as the parent brought him food, not one, but two birds. He didn’t finish the second and the parent female returned and ate it.

It’s amazing how fast they can find a chick. They will do this with all of them when they are flying no matter where they land. We left him on a narrow ledge high up under the  cornice with his crop full to the throat.

Happy trails, Bob

Second chick ventured outside the eyrie three feet and returned.

More of Cleve Nash’s photos of “Fly Boy” may be found at


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2 Responses to Cold and hungry…

  1. Jo says:

    Awwwww another happy ending to a chick adventure.

  2. Sue Boardman says:

    Awesome! Clearly life is tough.

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