Photo by Cleve Nash

North side falcon                                                      Photo by Cleve Nash

Observations continue on both north and south side pairs of peregrines. Cleve Nash has been mostly watching and photographing the north side, which are in about their second or third week of incubation. All is going well. The north side of the rock is good for photos of food exchanges and action over the large parking lot where Cleve is not usually shooting into the sun. For more general purpose photography, the south side can be better being that the birds are lower and usually closer with the sun behind you.

I am for the most part, set up on the south side. This pair of falcons continue to breed and frequent the “lower five” nest site which was used in 2011, after a previous failed nesting that year. Today she spent two hours in there, then out and about flying and perching. So, I believe, this is egg laying behavior. We should know by this weekend. During the time I have been at the rock this week, I have not seen them come close to the “diving board” nest site, since they abandoned it a week ago. It’s like the hole is taboo.
Happy trails, Bob

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Thanks, Heather


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  1. steve says:

    In a word fantastic. Great photo.

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