A Golden voyage…

Photo of last year’s young Golden Eagles by Cleve Nash

Cleve Nash, our resident photographer, and I took a ride out to Creston, CA, where my daughter and her family live. There had been numerous eagles, Golden and Bald, around her pond on her property. A few waterfowl and kingfishers, but no eagles.

On our way home, we took the back way down Highway 229 then went towards Margarita Lake. We stopped by the Golden Eagle nest that Cleve had filmed last year with two young in the nest. No activity around the nest yet, but one perched about 100 yards off in a Digger Pine. Not a quarter of a mile down the road, we came upon three Bald Eagles all in the same tree, one adult and two “juvies” (juveniles). As we watched, three wild hogs ran across a newly planted oat field. Still watching the three eagles, a Prairie Falcon flew over the highway, then a Golden Eagle perched in a pine 500 yards away. All in all, it was a great day away from the busy-ness of the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival weekend at Morro Rock.
Update on the injured Golden Eagle: His appetite is great; he ate a big rat today.
Happy trails, Bob


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