A seed planted…

A seed planted...

Photo by Heather O’Connor

A young “Bay Area” birder came by today, opened the back of the family van and pulled out a tripod and spotting scope. I barely recognized the hat he was wearing through all the buttons and bird patches, but the Peregrine Watch logo was still there. He was about eight or nine when I gave it to him and already a seasoned birder since kindergarten always with his field guide. He’s thirteen, still birding, but like any other youngster, other things come into their lives, sports, school, soon it will be girls.
I don’t know if the parents planted the seed or it just blew in on the wind, but they nurtured and cultivated it and did a wonderful job. I would like to think I might have watered it once.
Thank you, Andrew, for making my story feel good. And to Ronny, Ann and Amy Tey who let the seed mature.
Happy trails, Bob


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