Elk at the north end of the Hearst Ranch…

Tule elk

Hearst Ranch, San Simeon, California Photo by Bob Isenberg

Correction: The elk at Hearst Ranch are Rocky Mountain Elk not Tule Elk as mentioned previously. Below is the information that I found at http://www.hearstcastle.org

“Dismantling of the Hearst Zoo”    The dismantling of the zoo began in 1937 after William Randolph Hearst experienced great financial difficulty and was forced to curtail his construction activities and cut other expenses at the ranch. Many animals were donated to public zoos or sold. Dispersal of the zoo animals extended over more than fifteen years and it was never entirely completed. Most of animals had been placed by 1953, two years after Mr. Hearst’s death, but many animals were permitted to range free on the ranch. In 1958 when the State was given Hearst Castle, there were Rocky Mountain elk, tahr goats, llamas, white fallow deer, zebras, Barbary sheep, and sambar deer still on the ranch. Today, few of these animals survive, but often zebra may be seen grazing in the pastures along Highway 1 near the town of San Simeon.”


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2 Responses to Elk at the north end of the Hearst Ranch…

  1. Rio Wheeler says:

    The Elk at Hearst Ranch are Roosevelt Elk, Not the native Tule Elk, nor the Rocky Mountain Elk. Tule Elk are native to California and only California and are the smallest in body size. The Roosevelt Elk is found along the Pacific Coasts of far Northern California, Oregon and Washington, they are the largest in body size but smallest in Antler size. The Rocky Mountain Elk is by far the most wide spread of the Elk and having the largest antlers of the North American Elk. There are Rocky Mountain Elk located on the Tejon Ranch in California, making California the only state to have all 3 species. I hope this helps.

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