“Solo” visits again.

“Solo,” the young falcon from the north side made a visit to the south side again. After crashing into the top of a bush, he made his way down behind some rocks. I couldn’t see him , but sure could hear him. When the south side adult female returned to the rock, his crying alerted her. She swooped into the cluster of rocks and brush near him. It was then I saw she was carrying a small bird when she banked to turn and make a couple more passes over the young falcon.

She left the young and went to a rock to plume the small bird. She then launched off the rock with bird in her beak headed for the sandspit. Over the water, she reached forward with one talon and transferred the prey from beak to talon. I followed her with binoculars to a large dune where her own young were sitting. As she neared them, they both flew up to take the bird from her.

I turned my attention to the rock just in time to see “Solo” go over the ridge.  ~Bob


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  1. Christine Lowe says:

    Awsome info and pictures. Your work is incredible!

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