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Shell Beach peregrines with a pigeon

Video by Cleve Nash

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And the fog rolled in…

Photo by Heather O’Connor Some days at the rock viewing can be challenging. I still like the atmosphere. It is a cool Pacific Ocean and hot inland temperatures that produce a marine layer of fog. A bit mysterious and intriguing. One … Continue reading

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Incoming !

Photo by Cleve Nash “Oh, Bob, I’m so glad you are here. Jeanette said you would be.” Second lady: “Jeanette said to look for a tripod and that I could look at the falcons.” Third person: “She said his name … Continue reading

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Nature’s way…

June 25, 2012  The first of the Heermann’s Gulls arrived at the rock today. They will be around for the next six months. This gull is quite a bit smaller than the Western Gull, and I have on occasion seen … Continue reading

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Western Gull chicks

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When things are slow, we always have other birds…

June 24, 2012  Balmy and sunny today. I spent a couple of hours with Cleve Nash getting some shots of young gulls just out of the nest. The adult falcons have had a banquet with them, but in a few … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice

June 20, 2012. Today the solstice celebration will take place in the parking lot at the rock. A few of the local Native Americans have gone up to the top of the rock last night with a park guide, where … Continue reading

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Landing gear !

June 16, 2012 Since there is not a lot of action right now at the rock, I wanted to share some behavioral actions that are happening as we speak. The south side female has been perched for about 40 minutes. … Continue reading

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Gull chicks are about ready…

The young Western Gulls are coming out of the nests to wander around. The falcons know it. Now and the next few weeks, they are just the right size to kill and carry off. The adult gulls are protective of … Continue reading

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Juveniles in flight

juveniles sparring Photo by Cleve Nash

Photo by Cleve Nash

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